Amazing & Random People I Met Traveling Vietnam

One thing about travelling is the people you randomly bump into on your journeys it’s amazing.

I’ve had 2 experiances I have to share. First was when biking upto Mui Ne and was were driving along and a local man waves us down and tells us to follow him on the bike, he takes me and my biking buddy into his shop, sits us down, makes us tea and jabbers away smiling and showing us his family and his niece who was keen to learn English. He draws us maps of best route and gives us lots of information we only understood a little….


Second was in Hoi An I go to a coffee shop before leaving town, I walk in, a friendly ex pat waves me over to sit down, he was a lovely French man now living in Hoi An and we sat and drank coffee chatting before he invites me to see his friends bamboo workshop which was incredible, we then go back to his place for coffee, vodka, some herb and then we spend the afternoon driving to see local bars, roads, food places and sights!!!


The things I’ve experienced and people I’ve met are amazing and are making this trip quite a experience! 🏍 #vietnamtravels

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