Vietnamese People & The Kids Efforts To Learn English

After traveling Vietnam for 2 months and motor biking from South HCM to the North it struck me how amazing and beautiful the Vietnamese people are. Despite the torment the nation and people have been through from the wars.

The effort these Vietnamese kids make to learn English is amazing! I was walking around lake near the Hanoi city last few days and many kids and university students approach you wanting to talk to you to improve their English.


These 2 I got photos with, first little guy was 9 and he had a list of questions and told me all about who Ho Chi Minn was, second was a 10 year old boy, his sister and mum and they come to the park every weekend to talk to foreigners. Just love the commitment and dedication these kids have to learn English its amazing!

Me & My Italian Friend Talking to Local Kids to improve their English

It is a privilege and a honor to have these experiences 🙏🇻🇳👍🏻

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