Motorbiking Vietnam

Vietnam was one of my favourate countries to date.. After spending 2 months there and motor biking from HCM city to Hanoi and up to Sapa there was a bit of everything!!

From running out of fuel in the middle of absolutely no where, to crashing spectacularly, riding legs of the journey with different people from countrys all over the world, going into random locals places for cups of tea, riding into the wilderness and mountains of Vietnam where at times you just had to stop and pinch yourself.

The Vietnam chapter of my travels was challanging, beauitful, life changing and unreal all at the same time!

Below are a couple of stories & photos from my journey..


My Wheels For Vietnam

This is the new set of wheels a 2017 Honda Win 110. Paid 520 USD for this beauty & this beast gonna take me all over Vietnam and maybe into Laos. We will rack up thousands of Kms and no doubt challenge each other! Started out yesterday smashing around 220-250 kms and many more long days and sore arses left!


Running Out Of Fuel on a Desert Road….

So after hauling ass for 295kms today to Hoi An and was on the last stretch of 40kms to go & the bike ran out of fuel in the middle of a desert road middle of no where…. push the bike few hundred metres a Vietnamese man rocks up on scooter..

I point to fuel tank and he pats his scooter to jump on, he arranges another local to stand by my  and watch it while we ride off and get fuel, we ride 5-10mins on his scooter into a remote village, pulls up and we get 2 plastic bags full of fuel… no one is speaking a word of English I have no idea what’s going on, he only charges me 50,000vnd that’s 3nzd and we go back to scooter to fuel up.

After pushing the bike for 1-2Kms, I stopped, pissed myself laughing and took this photo..

Out Of Fuel

These friendly locals helped me fuel the bike up then I try giving the scooter driver who drove me 10 minutes into town & and the bike watcher some cash or a tip for helping and they both jumped on their bikes, just smiled and said no no no and both drove off waving at me. I was just like wow…

This for me sums up the Vietnamese people… they are so helpful, kind hearted and genuinely good people. I just love this country.

Little things like this restores your faith in humans!!!



North Vietnam Crash…. Man & Bike Down…

Yes first accident 100Kms out of Sapa since buying the bike in HCM 6 weeks ago and after a few thousand Kms! Too fast into a corner, loose gravel and boom next thing bike upside down in ditch!!


Once I stopped rolling down the road after being flung off, I pulled up half a metre short of a large concrete kerb!!! I lay there, did a check on the bones they were all in one piece I noticed my shoes were missing they had been flung onto the bank nearby, my long pants and shirt were ripped up…

I then looked around for my bike like ok where did that end up… I walked over to a ditch looked down and there the bike is upside down, fuel and oil leaking out and glass, mirror and a few remains scattered down the road…

My German buddy comes running over & I just stood there going wow ok its my lucky day!!

Thanks to locals helping pull the bike out from the 2-3 metre ditch and to my German travel buddy I was riding with for a tow to nearest town. This was with a bungie cord, handle bars bent, dodgy brakes, I was bleeding and bike in bits going up and down hills round corers!!!

We arrive into this tiny country town after 10 minutes of being towed with an elastic cord… with everyone turning their heads staring as we limped in looking slightly worse for wear!!

We found a small mechanic shop & after 2-3 hours of magic replacing a bunch of stuff we were on the road again with my fresh/raw Vietnam tattoos (battle wounds) firmly on arms, back and legs.


Simply beautiful winding roads through mountains, rice fields, cows, goats, small remote villages but also very challenging!!

I’ll count my lucky stars but wow Vietnam you continue to surprise me 🏍🙏✌️🇻🇳


Thats a wrap of motorbiking Vietnam for the moment… 🙂

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  1. I did the same trip this time last year! Absolutely loved every minute of it 😊

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