Vietnam Islands

So the Vietnam Islands.. where do I start!

Well both provided with some crazy and amazing memories. From beach days, to balloons, pool partys and meeting special people i know will be friends for a long time.

After arriving into HCM City I was in hostel sitting there going ok where next…I spotted Phu Quoc on the map and was right.. that island looks interesting lets check it out.. I got the overnight bus down and arrived into the small seaside town of Ha Tein at 4am in the morning and slept on the Warf until my boat was ready to depart at 7.30am.

The boat ride over I felt like a celebrity as all the Vietnamese locals on the boat wanted a photo with me something i wasn’t used to!! After a hour or so on the ferry we pulled up and well the Phu Quoc chapter had started!

Little did i know I’d spend the next 12 days or so… I can see why people call it the Phu Quoc trap!

On arriving at an amazing hostel called ‘The 9 Station’ (highly recommend to travellers) which was really nice almost like a resort. From there i met a top Canadian guy called Dustin who just made us drink at the bar he was promoting as much as possible and from there an amazing bunch of people came together and well the journey started!


It’s a terrible photo but only one i got of all us lads together!! These lads above are who made my time amazing! We just made stuff happen, we started party’s, arranged days out, drank too much, sucked up too many balloons, and just created an amazing group from the hostel and well the memories just flowed..


From lots of partys, lazy beach days, chilling at the hostel pool, chasing waterfalls this island is really awesome and if you’re lucky like to bump into amazing people from the hostel vibe then wow you’re in for a treat!


After soo many good times here in this amazing Island I had to make the hard decision to leave as i wanted to get back to the main island and start my journey north on the bike. So last night a farewell dinner was held where we all ate, drank and laughed not knowing when we would see each other again!


Cat Ba – Vietnam

The island is beside the busy Halong Bay and after spending 2 nights 3 days out on a boat around Halong Bay this place was my next stop. Only spent 2-3 days here but enough to have a lot of fun!

After arriving at my hostel I went out to socialise, I met some friends and next thing we were off exploring the Island on my scooter. After a short walk and scooter we were standing on top looking over Cat Ba into Halong bay on a stunning day! See photo below..

cat bar views

From there well… You know it a few nights in a row met amazing people and the famous pool party started, from drinking to games, bumping into other Kiwis to throwing people in the pool it was all on turned into a wild night!


Also the hike up Cat Ba National Park is well worth it!!! It was a 2 hour slog in the mid day heat (FYI worse time of day to do it apparently!) was dripping with sweat but this photo with lush national park as far as the eye could see was worth it!


I departed Cat Ba with great memorys. It did have a busy touristy vibe to it but in my eyes well worth a look if you are doing Halong Bay.

Thats a wrap of the Vietnam Islands that i visited..

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