Ubud Bali

I first came to Ubud in August 2017 and i quickly fell in love with the place. It is a calming place, it brings a sense of peace and it’s a place where i feel grounded and together.

I spent a week or so here with my mate in 2017, he left i stayed on and spent some time doing Yoga, Meditation, eating clean and i noticed i started to think clearer, got clarity and the body started to feel alive and healthy.

Ubud has a very peaceful feel to it despite the busy traffic! It also has a special spiritual side to it. It attracts many people from all around the world for this, for the Yoga, Meditation classes and retreats.

Here I am back in Ubud exactly 1 year later doing the same thing but for longer. Doing Yoga and Meditation more intensely, working, eating raw food and getting to meet more amazing humans each day!

Honestly if you need a break from your busy day to day life, want to just stop, kick back and re connect with yourself then i highly recommend Ubud as your solution. There’s many accommodation options, beauitful homestays, hotels, resorts, retreats and much more..

Things to Do & See in Ubud

White Water Rafting

Water rafting is not a bad option, a lot of fun and if you want to mix it up a bit and throw some adventure in your trip then this is for you!!

Made can book all of these activities for you and show you around all these places below if you visit Bali.


Monkey Forest


Yes the famous monkey forest. You can feed them Bananas, they jump on you, may steal your phone or water bottle if you’re not careful. Lots of fun.. A must while in Ubud..


Elephant Caves

Quite a busy place but worth a look if you’re in the area. Important you’re covered up as this is a sacred spot so out of respect cover up.. If not they will provide a dress or some cover. In 2018 adult ticket was only 15,000


Rice Terraces

These are nice to see but im my view very touristy and also very busy. You’ll get people wanting to sell you all sorts of things, people wanting tips for photos and even charge you to go to certain areas of the rice terraces. You can have a go on one of the many swings here for that famous Insta photo! Once finished you can have a cold drink overlooking the whole area at one of the many Cafes at the top on the road side.


Campuhan Ridge Walk

A beauitful walk close to Ubud. Goes for 2-3Kms each way, the path leads past beauitful rice fields, lush tropical bush, locals houses and views over a valley. Well worth a look!


Luwak Coffee

This place is very close to the Rice Terraces, you can stop off and get a tour around and see how Luwak coffe is made. They will also give you a tray of tea’s to taste overlooking the lush green rice terraces. You can try the Luwak coffe for 50,000 per cup.


Tegenungan Water Fall

This waterfall is close to Ubud, is a few steps down to it, can get quite busy during the day as the toursits start flocking in! It’s not a bad spot and a good opportunity to get a few good photos.



Yoga & Meditation:

Radiently Alive

I went here on last trip, smaller classes, amazing teachers and a great vibe.

Yoga Barn

Went here in 2017 for a week or so. This place is nice but classes are quite large, is very busy and is quite touristy in my view.

Ubud Yoga House

I havn’t been here yet but has great ratings online and looks like it has amazing views.


Places To Co Work/Stay

Ubud is a excellent hub for digital nomads. There’s plenty of co working places and accommodation available. See a few listed below with links to each

The Onion Collective:

I stayed here for well over a week, it has it all, swimming pool, restaraunt, co working space, excellent Wifi and amazing kind and friendly staff… See their story & Website below:

The amazing adventure of The Onion Collective started 10 years ago. Mark (born in Malaysia and raised in the States) arrived in Bali with pretty much nothing but an energy to start a new life. We moved to Ubud to build a community where people can eat delicious food, meet the most interesting people and find inspiration surrounded by digital nomads.

Onion Collective WEBSITE

Hubud – Co Working Space

Hubud – is right in the centre of Ubud very close to the monkey forest. It’s a well set up place, well spread out and is close and accessible to all facility’s in the centre of UBUD. Click above for their website.

Outpost – Co Working Space

This is a lovely calming, relaxing vibe on the outskirts of Ubud, well set out and slightly better priced than Hubud. It’s a 5-10 minute scooter ride from Ubud but if you want a more chill place with Yoga right next door then this place is for you..


That my friends is a Ubud wrap 🙂

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