A Taste Of North Thailand

Thailand was the start of my Solo Travels and the start of my South East Asia leg. Coming off the plane nervous about the journey ahead i get throw into the city of Bangcock and wow what a intro!!! I spend a few days adjusting to the heat, nagging took took drivers and the intense nightlife of Bangkok.

2 days of exploring the city, taking river boats, visiting temples, partying on the famous Khao San Road, stuffing my face with amazing Thai food and melting in the heat was all part of the days spent there… But busy city life ain’t for me so i made plans to get out..

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After a couple of days i started to make my way north on a overnight bus to Chang Mai which was about a 10-12 bus ride in a VIP bus where i actually had some leg room!


Arrived at Chiang Mai, booked in at a awesome hostel and hit the jackpot by meeting an amazing crew of people and boom this is where the real adventures started!

I’m not even sure where to start as the next 2-3 weeks unfolded so much stuff was packed in!! I can’t fit all of what i explored in North Thailand in this blog post but here’s a small taste. I’ll write another post later on Thailand in more detail..

Elephant Sanctuary – Chiang Mai

This is one of the many big things to do here. It was a sanctuary so the Elephants were well looked after, well fed, no riding them allowed and they had paddocks and jungle to roam and be free. Was a day trip out into the country and after a 2 hour drive we arrived and spent the next 5-6 hours with Elephants feeding them, bathing them, hanging out, was an amazing experiance to spend time up close with these beauitful creatures.

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These animals have been abused over long periods of time and still are taken advantage of and cruely treated today. It was so awesome to see such happy animals and in such good condition..


Chiang Mai’s Very Own Grand Canyon

So a bunch of us from the hostel ventured out and hit up the Grand Canyon… Yes thats right not in the US but right here in Chiang Mai!! We jumped off 9-11m platforms, floated round on tubes, swam and drank cold beer until the sun started to go down..

Bua Thong – Sticky Water Falls

These water falls are quite awesome. With a solid crew from the hostel again we made our way out for a day of explorimg.. It’s a steep slope with slippery looking rocks but when you walk on them they are kinda sticky! You can walk up the steep water fall slopes and on a hot day was refreshing!

In parts where it’s very steep climbing ropes are provided..


Muay Thai Boxing – Fight Night

So i had heard amazing things about these big boxing fight nights so decided to head along to one. This fight was promoted all over the streets of Chiang Mai as the big deal. To be perfectly honest was a bit of a waste of money but i guess it was a experiance. A lot of the fighters were kids, wasn’t very well run, not many people there and just as well there was a good group of us as we kinda made our own fun.. Just do your homework on the fighting event before you go i say!

boxing h

Thats a wrap of the Thailand travels for the moment – more stories to come from the adventures & travels there..

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