The Beauty of Bali

I came to Bali with the intention to start here and then backpack through Indonesia and visit the Islands and really get back into travel mode but sometimes plans change!

The last months has been without a doubt the most transformational time of my 28 years of living on this planet. The recent months has literally had a bit of everything!

The first 6 weeks was spread between Cagnuu, Uluwatu, Amed, expoloring, partying, beach partys, bit of surfing, working, meeting amazing people, watching beautiful sunsets and soaking up the Bali Vibe.

The last 6 weeks well well… This has mostly taken place in a small town called Ubud (which means/stands for medicine i recently learnt) This is a magical place and is known to be one of the best places in the world for yoga, meditation and healing. Healers from all parts of the world come here to practice.

The last 6 weeks of this trip has been filled with daily yoga, meditation, excercise, eating clean/raw healthy food, a 2 day Shamanic Reki Healing Course and exploring the outer parts on Ubud. As well just taking time to stop, breath, look inside and re-discover myself… It’s been an amazing enlightening time and the special people i’m met on this journey has been unreal!

Ubud for me feels like home and has a very special place in my heart… It’s powerful energy & calming vibe along with the people here are special.. Genuine, warm, friendly and open folks that i feel a real & true connection with.

I’m very thankful and blessed for this opportunity to spend the time here in Ubud to learn to grow, connect with myself, with spirit, nature & nurture another side of me that i always knew existed but ignored and blocked for soo many years..

I will continue to practice these practices, to learn, to grow, to stay grounded, humble, to be real and true to myself and my Truth..

They say a photo says a thousand words so below are a range of pics and brief descriptions from this amazing 3 months. These pics are the highlights from trip..

Canguu Times:

Uluwatu – Cliff Top Hut Was Home For a while

Amed – Shipwreck Diving & Stunning Sunsets + Famous Photo Spot

Bali Cooking Class

My Scooter & Lush Ubud Shots

Tirta Water Temple


Dance Class


Pyramids Of Chi – Sound Healing Inside Pyramid


Sekumpul Waterfall – North Bali

Climbing Mount Batur Volcano

Volcano Crater Hot Springs & Heron Village

I come back to NZ for summer with my intentions, plans, dreams, visions all set for the future. I am focused, re charged and ready for this exciting and beauitful journey ahead that awaits me.

I’m about to spread these wings and fly, to be free and take this journey called life to the next level..

Back in NZ for a few months before a 1 way flight out in the new year.

To all the amazing people i met on this trip i say thank you! The people you meet on your travels from all parts of the world are truely inspiring so thanks for the special times and moments we shared..

That my friends is the Bali wrap and bring on the NZ Summer 🙂

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