Summer In NZ – Summary

Without a doubt it’s been one of the best and most enjoyable summers of my life. Now finally getting the time to sit down, write this journal and reflect on the journey.

It’s been a absolute blast to be back for the summer soaking up the sun, living in a van, visiting several festivals, looking after the body, spending a lot of time in nature, picking back up the guitar after a 13 year break and doing a long list of jobs and tasks that I needed to get completed before I start the next leg of travels.

It’s been a time of exploring, healing, learning, developing and continuing this journey of self development and growth.

Many moments of this summer I haven’t managed to capture in photos as I’ve tried to focus on living in the moment and enjoying time away from phones and laptops as much as I can! Below is a summary/snapshot with photos and brief descriptions of some of the moments, memories from my summer in NZ.

First NZ Sunset, Van Life & Getting the legs/fitness back in action


Lake Rotoiti – Angelus Hut Day Hike – Absolutely stunning views and track. We completed 8-10 river crossings, was around 24-26kms, started in morning and completed by mid to late afternoon. My legs we shaking meanwhile me old mate hardly raised a sweat!!


Christmas, New Years, Exploring the Lakes & Golden Bay.. Grabbing the van and getting lost upto lakes, waterfalls, beaches, fires by the beach, jamming plenty of guitar was all part of the festive season.


South Island Road Trip – This was the most epic Roadie and one I won’t forget quickly.. Lakes, glaciers, sunsets, hikes, skimming stones, making rock piles, meeting amazing people, seal watching, exploring caves, swimming in glacier pools/rivers, munching fresh fruits, whale watching, swimming with dolphins, climbing mountains it had a bitta everything.. A few photos from this journey 🙂

Luminate Festival 2019…… This was my first Luminate and what a amazing time 8 days of dancing, drumming, swimming, singing, yoga, meditation, workshops, playing guitar and eating good food with the most beautiful humans was truly a special experience.


North Island Roadie – had a bit of everything! Hugging the coastline (East Coast) most of the way up. It’s had Beaches, rivers, sunsets, waterfalls, long windy gravel roads, Yoga, rainbows, swimming, meditation, green lush oasis’s in the middle of nowhere, music, lighthouse view points and yes I came across the longest place name in the world!! Now time get ready for what will be an amazing and beautiful festival in coming days


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Spirit Festival – Amazing time with loads of beautiful people and had the chance to meet, grab a yarn and pic with Xavier Rudd… His live performance under the stars out in the middle of nature is something I’ll never forget 💫


As I now depart NZ with a one way ticket out I say thank you for all these epic people I’ve met, experience’s, times and memories.

As I head back into travel and explore mode I make a promise to myself to live fully in line with my truth, to spread and choose love and to live each day to the absolute fullest..

That’s a wrap of summer folks, time to spread these wings and fly to new heights.

Big love..

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