The human mind.. A tool of questionable judgment and delusory projections


The human mind is a evaluative tool of questionable judgment and delusory projections. While the history of “civilized” humanity is a picture of one assumption after another proven wrong over and over again.

Yet most of us walk around certain that we know why we are here and what the purpose of life is; all wrapped up in a complex and oversaturated bubble of modern techno fantasies including unrestricted freedom and hedonistic liberation.

It is some what of a mystery to me that we are so incredible talented at fabricating stories that we come to believe as unquestionably true. Especially mythologies such as nationalism, the monetary and economic value of human life (time, energy, skill = your value as a living being) as well as land as a “resource” (anything in nature we want to comodify and expliot), the superiority of human life over all other life forms on earth, technological progress and political democracy.

There seems little doubt that these fictions will be looked back on as strange oddities by future generations, especially as most of them are contributing to the entire collapse of global ecosystems, and the corporate enslavement of humanity.

Yet we continue on day after day believing the stories of capitalist development and progress, when all the evidence seems to demonstrate that these ideas and ideals are not only obsolete and erroneous but may prove to be catastrophic for future generations and all life on earth.

Its time we start to tell the radical truth of our “great” civilization. That is that it’s inherently doomed to fail as its spiritual and economic foundations are fatally and irredeemably flawed.

There is simply no such thing as infinite growth on a finite planet, and no technology to replace old growth forests and highly evolved ecosystems. Nothing we know can even replace top soil in its intricate diversity. While the individual freedom to waste and consume vast resources is a devastating and untenable belief system destined to ecosystemic failure. Not to mention the spiritual and social void left by postmodern nihilism, apathy and loneliness

While freedom and individuality are just illusions feed to us by the mainstream and social media machinery to fool us into the belief that you and i are separate, to super-inflate the ego and create scarcity and competition as a reality beyond artifical human social construction and engineering.

So while we are busy running around trying to scientifically fabricate nature and fix a broken system remember for 40,000 years or more indigenous people world wide learned everything we would ever need to know to live in harmony with each other and protect the land from destructive habits of over consumption.
While our Eurocentric culture just walked straight past this vast and unfathomable treasure trove of wisdom and practical knowledge chasing after illusions of grandeur and fanatical dreams of material freedom, superiority and dominion over nature.

And yet we are still full stream ahead completely lost and distracted in this systemic monopoly of greed, hatred and delusion we call progress. One look at global politics and current events confirms this. One look at the state of natural extinction and the rate of species annihilation and this is obvious to anyone. Something is dramarically wrong and needs to be dismantled and revolutionised and it’s not going to happen by following the status quo and playing the old games of political and legal reform.

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