Journey To The Heart

Well what’s this journey all about?? If I told you I knew all the answers i would be telling a lie but I guess I can only write about my personal experience to date and talk about things from my journey and to be honest with you this is a journey I’m still learning more about and evolving with everyday.

It’s so common for life to throw so much stuff our way that our hearts become closed off, the walls go up and along with all the programming and conditioning we receive from birth we get completely disconnected and closed off from the very thing that keeps pumping to keep us alive!

Think about it for a minute before we even open our eyes we get a name, date of birth, a number from the government, a nationality, often a religion that our family are wrapped up or involved in, a culture.. all this stuff and we’ve had no say in any of it… and these layers start making up our reality and keep building from there as we go through life such as society, education, family, cultural.. it goes on…

Through all of this we forget who we are, what our purpose is and get wrapped up so deeply with life that we just stumble down well trodden paths following the crowds and masses like everyone else. Many of us ignore our hearts, our calling, figuring out our true essence and the poor old heart goes on the back burner becomes closed off, the walls go up and we stumble our way through life a zombie.. We get depression, anxiety have thoughts of suicide due to becoming so disconnected and wanting to escape our reality..

As a human is that how life is supposed to be??


I know in New Zealand the lands i was born in it has one of the highest suicide rates for men between 25 and 40 in the world!!!

Now ask yourself the question why is this??

This recent journey over the last 12 months of stopping, hitting the pause button a bit and going what the hell is all this life about, going through some extreme up’s and downs, reviewing life to date and figuring out the souls purpose and mission this time round has been one of the most liberating, scary and turbulent rides to date and to be honest i’m still processing and getting my head around it all after being lost and stumbling along for so long!

Understanding that love is the greatest power on earth, understanding that gratitude is the most powerful emotion, understanding that we are infinite beings and that our spirit/soul is just passing through this human body/vessel, understanding that we have been through many life times before this one and that we will have many more after, understanding that we are here to learn, grow and evolve each lifetime and then we return home again (death), understanding that there’s a thing called karmic law that we carry Karma from one lifetime to the next and accumulate karma within lifetimes, understanding that we are all connected and that we are all one, understanding that the journey of returning back to our hearts and cutting through all these layers of rubbish, programming, conditioning that has been built up during our life time is a rather intense and yes at times scary yet liberating experience.

It requires courage, isolation, strength and a strong connection to source to get through this process..

These above are just some of the few lessons and knowledge I’ve gained to date on this journey that I wanted to share with you..

We only need to take a very brief look at the state of the world today with all the war, division, hatred, greed, famine, the abuse of our planet (our mother) and the general state of humanity and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that shits off the rails and you take a look at even recent history and realize it has been for a long time…


I do believe that a new world is currently being birthed and we are in the process of this time at the moment. As this new world emerges it will mean that we will go through some dark, rough times ahead and a that a lot of changes will happen for humanity and the planet as we move through this transition.

This has all been predicted in many ancient texts but unfortunately the version of history that is fed to us and the masses today is so twisted and simply inaccurate that you have to figure out the truth for yourself.

We are starting to see many of these changes unfold at this time on the planet with the earth changing, people waking up and this re-birthing process is unfolding and will continue to unfold and ultimately this journey for humanity is one back to our hearts.

To come home to ourselves, to our true essence of what and who we are as a human..

My friends all of the answers, knowledge and wisdom lies inside of you, all the power is inside of yourself all you have to do if turn the mirror around and look inside and slowly but surely everything will start to open up and unfold, you will remember who you are, your true essence and the light that may have been dim for a long time will start to shine brighter.

Forget gurus, teachers, highly spiritual people who claim to have all the answers and people who claim to lead you to enlightenment TRUST YOURSELF…

Engage and involve yourself with passions or activity’s that light up your heart and soul.

Become your own leader, teacher & lead the way, create your own path by being the change you want to see in this world.

Many people on the planet are currently going through awakening phases or on this journey and it can be such a very challenging time and one at times where you go ‘no one will understand’ ‘whats happening’ ‘am i going crazy’…

All of this is normal but just trust and believe that this is for your greater good, it’s in the best interests of your evolution and that you have all of the answers inside yourself.

Just like you I’m still learning, growing and evolving each day and this process won’t stop so from my heart to yours I hope these scattered thoughts and experiences to date resonate with you and or helps you along your journey.

Big love

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