Significance of 2020 & The Decade Ahead

We see the welcome of not only a new year but also a new decade. If we look back at the last 10 years and see how much has changed with us maybe not only an individual level but also humanity and how much things has sped up and how many advancements have been made on soo many fronts it’s staggering.

This decade is a very pivotal point for humanity, the planet and all life forms existing on mother earth.

Planet Earts

We see today soo much going on in the world from large fires raging in the Amazon to Australia, major up risings by people & civilisation’s throughout the world. This current system we have doesn’t serve the human spirit & it’s now at a point where people are in a system that’s soo suppressive they have nothing to loose but to get up off their knees and fight for change. Many of these uprisings are not and will not be shown or broadcasted to the world.


We look at the way the planet is being abused in the name of greed/selfishness, we look at the war, the poverty, the hate, the famine, the division the ugliness that still currently exists within humanity today.

We are in a time of much turbulence, a time of change, a time of uprising, a time of rebirthing, a time of awakening and a time that humanity, the earth and all life forms on this planet are and will go through a massive transformation.


I found it interesting when looking into the Mayan culture that they predicted this period of time we are currently in to be the ‘Shift of The Ages’ a shift that happens around every 26,800 something years. A change in the earths alignments where the earth and all creatures upon it goes through much change. A lot of this precious ancient knowledge and wisdom has been lost, destroyed, dismantled and suppressed over a long period of time. You only have to look briefly and do a little digging and see what happened to the Mayan’s and other very knowledgeable & advanced ancient cultures went through.. The Maya people were a culture who were very connected and in sync with the earth, the stars, the universe and they were and still are people who promote unity and peace.


As humans we’ve gone staggering down the paths of religions and many other ideologies over the last 10-15,000 years that have twisted the minds of humanity & that have got us hopelessly deluded, lost and have held us back from reaching our full potential. In the world today there’s something like over 5,000 Gods prayed and idolised!!! Is there any wonder we as humans are all soo divided, confused and got ourselves into the tangled web we have today..

To get a quick glimpse of the bigger picture or some perspective, the earth has been around billions of years from what we understand, humans here for at least a few hundred thousand maybe longer based off new evidence coming to hand each year. Are we a species just passing through like the dinosaurs?? Are we going to wipe ourselves off?? Will mother nature have to reset herself based off the amount of abuse humans are currently doing to the planet?? Will we awaken from this slump, sleepiness and experience such a rapid shift in human consciousness that we evolve to live in a world of peace/harmony/unity? These are questions that get us pondering our future & existence..


From insights gathered to date I do believe this next period of time is a coming home to ourselves, an awakening, a shift in consciousness, a time of coming back to understanding what is it to be human again and back to our true essence. I do believe that in the next period of time the next decade or at least in the course of my current life time we are going to see things get a lot worse on the face of the earth, from wars, death, fires, massive tragedy’s, destruction and a resetting on a scale we’ve never seen before and out of this process/transformation will come new way of living, a new way of being and a new way of existing on this planet for all living creatures.

During this time of turmoil, we can either decide to get caught up in it all, get dragged down by it or stay centred in ourselves knowing that this is a transition/transformation phase.. We really are living in an amazing and an exciting time to be alive and to be a witness to this shift/transition. My friends it’s up to each of us to either embrace it or stand in fear trembling.


Sometimes things have to crash and burn in order for new life, growth and a new existence to come forward. It’s soo easy to get caught up in it all and I’m guilty of doing so occasionally getting angry, sad, depressed, anxious and maybe at times even thoughts of wanting to leave it all behind but we have to learn how to calm these storms within us and know that whatever is happening or playing out on this physical plane will pass and is all happening for a very valid reason.

I’ve come to a place that the change has to start with me on an individual level, within each of us. I keep coming back to that saying by Mahatma Gandhi “Be the change you want to see the world”

We have a choice to decide how we want to go show up in the world each day.. As humans I believed we are naturally wired for love, compassion, empathy, kindness, understanding and that’s what we need more of in the world today in order for us (humanity) to heal and to continue to evolve as a collective and for our planet (mother earth) to do the same.


Over the coming period of time we need to support each other, love each other, understand we are all brothers and sisters walking this planet together, that we all have a positive role to play and can make a significant impact on an individual level by spreading more of what we (YOU) want to see into the world.

My friends the change starts with you and me and together we can change and heal the world 😊


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