Dream Of A New World Together

At this time of great transformation on this planet I’ve been dreaming about a better world.

We are the creators of our own realilty and a better world is in the palm of our hand..

Many of us know deep down that the way we as a human species have been and are currently behaving on this planet is not sustainable.

We’ve been given this time to slow down, stop, think, reflect and dream of a new way.

Together as one human family we can create a world of peace, respect and love.

A world where men, women are treated as equals, A world where we respect our mother earth and all life forms on it.

A world that operates on love not fear..

A world where all our lakes, rivers, oceans, water ways and lands are restored and purified

A world where the human race can come together and explore other planets and space together.

A world where we can work together to integrate ancient knowledge and wisdom that’s been passed down through the ages from our indigenous people and combine with technological advances to create a balanced and advanced civilization.

A world where we can travel, roam and explore our planet earth freely without restrictions, borders or limitations in any way shape or form.

A world where child labour, sex trafficking doesn’t exist & our children and young ones are safe, to roam, play and explore without any fear or danger

A world where we work together as 1 human race/family to create a sustainable intergenerational approach to create a environment where future life and generations can thrive on the planet.

Dream of a world where we have a decentralized currency/money system that’s set up by the people for the people that’s fair, equal and operates in the best interests of all

A world without hunger & where everyone has a home, where self sufficient community’s are formed, where all people look after each other, grow their own foods, respect their elders, create art and use medicines from nature

A planet where our children and future generations are educated in a way that they can fully express themselves, learn about the universe, the earth, how to grow food, how to be sustainable, gain knowledge of self through yoga and meditation, learn arts, practical knowledge and skills, nurture their talents and passions in order to go out into the world and thrive

A world where we work in harmony with the laws of nature and the universe

A world where we use natures rich resource’s as medicines in a sustainable way and combine this with advancements made through science and approach human health and sickness in a more holistic way instead of corporations profiting from human sickness.

A world where clean & free energy is available to all and no unlawful taxes exist, A world where our sovereign birth rights are recognised and honoured

A world where humans are encouraged to look after their body’s, health and use their time and energy for the greater good of all.

A world where we no longer use poisons, toxic and harmful chemicals in our foods

A world where the people from each lands govern themselves

Together we can dream, together we can make it happen with our visions and actions.

Create a earth where all life forms and future generations can flourish

Each day the sun rises we get the chance to go out and create our dreams and bring this new world into realty.

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