2020/21 Shake Up

2020 a year of things being shaken up and we are embarking on hugely transformational times.

Maybe this is the wake up call we needed as a human species to awaken up from this slumber we’ve been in for a long time. Maybe now as the pause button is hit, we will see how broken and floored this top-down system/model of control is and how completely unsustainable it is for us as a human race and life on this planet. A system that’s being laid bare, is outdated and does not serve the human spirit or humanity in any way shape or form.

With free thinking and the ability to think independently these days going out the window rather rapidly, even questioning the status quo or asking questions of the narrative is now almost a rebellious act. It seems we still have large numbers of humans are hopelessly dependent on models of authority in order to tell them what to do, what to think and how to be. Large numbers of people unable to see through the thin layers of lies and illusions they are living in.

The idea of reclaiming your power, reclaiming your birth right as a sovereign human being a idea foreign to many.

I feel this so-called pandemic is a perfect wake up call for us, it’s the slap in the face and kick in the balls that has allowed us to stop, reflect, pause and reconsider our lives. However hard, challenging this time has been maybe, just maybe it’s the perfect pause we’ve needed for so long to look at our way of lives, to come home to ourselves and our senses.

As a human species I feel we are currently facing a lot of challenges and many of these have been continually pushed aside in the name of economic growth, greed and profits. We have a system that is eating up and abusing the planet we live on, the very planet that hosts and provides for us. Its shown us time and time again it doesn’t care for the humanity or the human spirit yet we continue to discard our humanity for the sake of this system.

Just look at some of the issues and challenges that we are facing today. These include homelessness, starvation, poverty, war, environmental pollution/neglect. These are all major humanitarian issues… How much longer will we continue to push these aside??

The answers to all these challenges we are facing lie within us. We have created them over time, we’ve built our own prisons/systems so all these solutions have to come from us.

We have the solutions, and YOU are a piece of the puzzle and with the current system been laid completely bare and on it’s knees after a year of pause it’s our time as a human family to unite to empower each other and make great changes.

All of these outdated top down models of control exist and operate based off the power we give them at our own will… No one has authority over you, no one unless you give it to them! Start by becoming your own leader.

It’s a time to think very carefully how each of us are going to move forward in the world and in what we are taking forward into our lives. It really is an exciting time to be alive in a time of such huge transformation…

We can collaborate, unite and make changes like never before thanks to the power of the internet with such huge amounts of knowledge and information available at our fingertips along with other tech advances in recent times.

Our ancestors are with us, future generations depend on us and if we can collectively put our beliefs, egos and differences aside this shift and change will happen very very rapidly.

If enough of us change ourselves, reclaim our minds we will see changes that humanity hasn’t seen on this planet in a very long time.

Yes it’ll be a journey but I’m ever optimistic, despite the current chaos and turmoil in the external world that we will our get our act together and unite to make this a very different world.

Like a snake sheds it’s skin many times during it’s life, maybe that’s what we are doing collectively as a human species?

This is the beginning.. Together we collaborate, together we unite, together we heal & we move forward one step at a time..

1 thought on “2020/21 Shake Up

  1. Thank you for the inspiration and wise words.


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