Humanity’s Disconnect & The Path Home

In the words of the late great Terrance McKenna humanity for the last 10-15,000 years has been behaving like a small child that ripped away from its mothers hand in a giant shopping mall grabbing this, kicking that, killing that, blowing up this, destroying that and making a muck of it’s self and today we stand at the crossroads of a loong path where our ignorant ways are catching up with us and the universal law of ‘Cause and Effect’ is beginning to play its hand.

The versions of history that we’ve been taught throughout the ages have been badly twisted, manipulated, bent and turned upside down so that in addition to our wayward ways have all played a crucial part in our journey. The division, the disconnect and the old divide and conquer rule that has plagued humanity for eons has all contributed to the decline of our human collective consciousness.

Many of us on this planet earth have lost our connection with our earth mother, lost our connection with our hearts and to the one that goes by many names ‘the creator, ‘the divine’ ‘god’ ‘great spirit, ‘the universe’ ‘source’ ‘tukishna’ whatever you name wish to call it. 

When Shamans are asked ‘what is the problem with the world today’ their answer is simple and clear they say ‘You have severed your connection with spirit”

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This disconnect and decline in the human consciousness through time has led us to incredibly dark times on this planet to the point where we are at today at the end of 2021 where all of our collective actions are heating up to a climax point. 

Right now we are at a crossroads as to the future of our species and a huge number of life forms. The question is will we continue on the same path we’ve been on and allow the cycle to repeat or take drastic action to change now?

The answers to these questions lie within each one of us…

Whether we are here or not is irrelevant. The earth has been here for billions of years and will continue to be so for many more billion but will our actions stir our earth mother to reset completely? She’s done it before many many times and can easily do so again..

Part of the re-connection depends on us coming back to the 2 fundamental laws that exist in this universe that govern everything and everyone. These are the laws of ‘Nature’ and ‘Universal Law’

Forget the corrupted man made ones we have many people on this planet are living under today with these laws there is no escaping!

Natural law and Universal law is what we have forgotten, got away from, become detached from and it doesn’t need me to tell you this, take one look at the way humans have been treating this planet earth and all life forms on it. We have been ignorant, destructive & acting like a cancer or disease causing mass extinction in the last few century’s alone raping and pillaging the earth for every last recourse we can find.

So now we stand at this point in our human story in 2021 where society’s, systems, civilizations are falling apart, we’ve had time to slow down, feel, think and have somewhat been forced to readjust many areas of our lives.

Many are asking what now??

Well our indigenous & first nations people from around this earth have been trying to warn us for a long time but we have deaf to their wisdom & voices. They are telling us now it’s time to heal and repair our relationships. Our relationship to the earth, nature, Our relationship to our hearts and to reconnect to that higher power i call the “creator”

When each of us heal and reconnect it has a powerful ripple effect that contributes to the healing of our human collective consciousness meaning the actions, healing, and reconnecting each of us do is powerfully assisting and evolving our human conciseness and evolution. This is such sacred and important work that each of us can do.

Can you imagine if each of us 7-8 billion humans on this planet started repairing our relationships? Our human evolution would be so rapid many of us wouldn’t be able to comprehend it with our current minds. 

Wrote a piece recently called ‘Dream of a New World Together’ See link below for this article.

To be alive in these times, to be a part of such a great shift, to witness what is ahead in the next few decades I can only imagine would have been the dreams of our ancestors. Reconnect with your ancestors; they will guide you in these times. 

In order to reconnect and to begin our path home it simply starts with each one of us. To reconnect to our earth, to our hearts, heal ourselves and as our Indigenous people & shamans say reconnect with spirit, the creator or whatever name you wish to call it.

The future of humanity, future generations and life on this planet rests squarely on each one of us, our actions, words, thoughts and if large numbers of people reconnect we will see the world transform very rapidly.

I do believe in humanity, i do believe we will reconnect and i do believe collectively we will take the path home but it won’t be all smooth sailing! There will be some waves, lumps and bumps to ride along the way as we make our way through the eye of the needle!

The direction & the speed of this transformation depends on each one of us. The power is with you, you are playing a crucial role in our collective transformation (never forget this)

Ask yourself these questions:

What world do I want to leave behind when i depart this earth? What world do i want to leave behind for the next 7 generations?

And that my friends is where your work is 🙂

Big Love, Stay Healthy, Stay Connected and Keep Rising 🙂

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