Healing Journey

It all started at the end of 2018 after a year of backpacking a voice inside started screaming for attention and it was to loud to ignore. I stopped, listened, felt

This led me to start walking the path onto one of the most intense, transformational and challenging journeys of my life to date.

During this process I went through what is known as ‘dark night of the soul’ several times which is a death of the self basically a process where you walk through hell, you visit some of the deepest darkest places, you basically die is the best way to describe it and come back. It’s a intense spiritual experience.

This led to a series of what i would call ‘awakenings’.

It was a journey where much emotions come up, old memory’s, anger, sadness, grief, many tears were shed, I got intimate glimpses of past lifes, I felt deeply the road my spirit/soul has traveled through and got little insights of the Karma i was here to work through

It was a healing journey that included, plant medicine, yoga, meditation, past life regressions, kambo, breathwork, dance, tantra, clean diet, psychedelics, working with sharmen and healers from all corners of the world, sound healing, massage, herbs, fasting, lectures, mushrooms, ice baths, marijuana, energy work, music, saunas/fire ceremonys and spending much time in nature healing with the elements.

Between Indonesia, Thailand, Mexico, Cambodia was where this journey led me.

With life throwing many traumas, lessons my way early on i spent much of my teens and 20’s battling many areas of my health sending me to all kinds of doctors, treatments nothing has worked like the medicines of nature especially herbs and the healing powers of psychedelics such as LSD, mushrooms and in particular psilocybin which cutting edge science is now proving it’s amazing healing quality’s and its recently been legalized in parts of the US

Click here for post on Psilocybin’s Mental Health Benefits

Video Below:

From flapping around on the floor covered in sweat in the jungles of the Thai islands on deep breathwork journeys, to having ayahuasca ceremony in the jungles of Indonesia, to cleansing with the powerful Kambo medicine which is a form of frog poison to cleanse the body, to diving into deep mushroom ceremonys, to getting qualified in energy work to, dance/sound ceremonies in remote jungles & being disciplined with daily yoga and meditation has all been part of it

The self that played it’s role in this life for 30 years has gone, no longer does that self exist it’s been a complete death and rebirth is the simplest way to describe it.

The whole ride has been transformational it’s certainly been a complete metamorphosis.

Dont really have any photos of this journey as it was deeply intimate, personal and this path required much time alone in isolation

Changing the environment I lived in played a major part in the journey getting away from the ways of western society, culture, disconnecting, living in parts of south east asia and Indonesia as I rode these waves of personal transformation

It’s just ticked over 3 years since this healing journey started i’m forever grateful for all these experiences, the deep healing, cleansing, releasing that has shaped me into the man I am today. 

Anyone whos walked or walking this path knows it’s like layers of a onion just when you think you’re done often more things surface to be looked at & cleared so in some sense it’s ongoing but gets easier with a clean body, a strong heart and a more balanced peaceful mind, the process is now less turbulent and can surf the waves easier.

This journey has shown me the power I posses inside, the same power that’s inside each of us. It showed me when we heal ourselves we heal the human collective, when we heal ourselves we heal our ancestral lines and traumas that may have been passed down to us, it showed me when we heal-ourselves we heal our earth mother

During the journey I got shown that we are the creators of our reality and that ultimately we are our own medicine/healers.

It showed me to flow with life, to allow the universe to guide, surprise us and open doors to new worlds and possibility’s and to ultimately surrender to the rhythms and deep wisdom of nature.

To all those been a part of these years, to the healers, medicine men and woman who have walked this path with me, guided/assisted me and to my guides and ancestors who have always been close by from the bottom of my heart thank you

In the words of Carl Jung

“Your visions will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.”

I’m now ready to enter into a new beginning and look forward to start writing a new book 😊

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