Our Giant Leap In Human Consciousness

We sit in the year of 2022 in the midst of what is known & considered by many to be one of the biggest leap forwards or advancement in human consciousnesses we have witnessed in the history of our species.

Humanity right now is making its way through the birth canal, one world is fading and another is being birthed.

Its an uncomfortable, polarized, painful, awkward and confusing time all at once but when something of this magnitude is unfolding it is expected that it will be a challenging ride.

With the current paradime built on thousands of years of lies, disillusions and illusions which are slowly unraveling and the awakening of humanity is beginning to reach such levels that the shifts starting to occur on this planet are gathering rapid pace.


In the words of Carl Jung “In all chaos there is a cosmos; In all disorder there is a secret order”


As the veils are lifted, truths are revealed the speed of which things will unfold on this planet such as earth changes, old outdated systems crumbling and the upgrades happening within our own bodies as the energy’s on the earth begin to shift and increase it will be a lot to take in, process and digest.

As we move through these times and old corrupted structures and systems that have manipulated & controlled humanity for eons will start to dissolve, crack, fizzle and pop it will not be a time to be attached to too much!

Anchor up and travel light!

I sense our star families (ET’s) will start to become more and more visible & involved with humanity in coming times.

Contact and human interaction with species from other star systems will become a common and frequent thing for us here on earth.

Our sense of ‘time’ will likely start to disappear and maybe we will begin to start to understand the prophecy of the Mayans where they spoke of the times we are entering into as a “time of no time” (see blog post below)



As our earth-mother goes through these changes with us the earth crust will shake, shiver, lands will rise and fall and much energy will be released from deep within our earth in the forms of volcanoes and earthquakes along with more extreme winds and rains.

As the ice melts and the earth crust changes at rapid rates things will be revealed to us which will help us join the dots to the truth of our human story and our past.

Have a feeling Antarctica will be a hot spot for some of these reveals. As the Antarctic ice melts, secrets long hidden beneath the frozen surface are revealed and the discoveries are rewriting human history.

This isn’t a time to be afraid or fearful but know/understand at the deepest level of our being that it’s a time of huge transformation on this planet.

To understand that everything and everyone is getting upgraded and to be alive in a human skin suit on this magical rock in space during this shift is exciting and a honor.

I do believe that we all came to incarnate here on earth in these skin suits, at this time to witness and be a part of this great shift/transformation

As we move forward we will remember gifts and powers we posses and have access to new ways of being and technologically to assist us to unite, evolve and live on this planet in a more harmonious way.

On the other side of this i see a humanity living, operating, and behaving very differently on this planet.

The world as we know it or have known it will no longer exist but we will be living in harmony with our earth mother and all life on this planet & reunited once again with our star families and intergalactic space travel happening at ease.

We will remember and recover new ability’s with our bodies and be able to operate and function in a much more advanced way.

This great shift that our Indigenous peoples, most cultures, religions and other ideology’s have pointed to is here and underway.

A time where the earth and all life forms go through this great transformation

It is a time to embrace, to witness and stand in awe of our human evolution, and all that our ancestors endured to date has led us up into these times.

These huge cycles of time all converging at this point to create this epic pinnacle point where we take this giant leap together.

See below Greg Braden talking briefly about these cycles.


The ability to step out of and let go if what you think and know to be true will be a necessary requirement in order to make it through this shift more smoothly.

Where we putting our focus & energy right now is soo crucial, now more than ever.

Our thoughts, words, actions have never been more important than it is now at this point in our evolution.


** What world are you envisioning, creating and bringing through this birth canal to manifest?? **


Stay in your hearts, listen to your hearts, clean up your life, travel light and let go of anything and anyone you need to when you are called to.

Your inner voice is your compass it knows the way through all of this

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