Healing Powers of Plant Medicine 

After several years of working with plant medicine this article comes from experience. Yes personal experience, deep intimate personal experience.

These powerful plant medicines i’m referring to include:

Ayahuasca, psilocybin, mushrooms, DMT, marijuana, rape tobacco just to name a few 

These plant medicines cure pain, nausea, insomnia, anxiety, IBS, depression, epilepsy, inflammation, PTSD just to name a few, the list is long!

Sitting with these medicines in ceremony’s around this earth i’ve seen the healing powers at work first hand and how its cured many of the ailments that I suffered from. These medicines alone single handedly have assisted in turning my life around from decades of health issues mental, physical and emotional.


Why are many of these powerful plant medicines are not legal by most governments globally?? 

Because these medicines would significantly hit the profitability of one of the biggest & most profitable industries on this planet, the pharmaceutical industry… A global industry that was at 1.27 trillion US dollars/year in 2020 & that’s the published/known number! My feeling is that number is a lot larger than this and now in 2022 since a pandemic, that number would now be eye watering!!

It’s in this industry’s interests to keep it’s customers not cure them. Keep them just sick enough to keep coming back for more pills/products that’s why mostly all it offers is temporary treatments & short term bandages for illnesses.

We are now seeing a shift, a shift on a global level with huge amounts of scientific evidence coming to the surface proving the power of these medicines, the profound healing qualities are now undeniable.

Celebrities such as Joe Rogan speaks very highly of these medicines & helped him through tough times. Mike Tyson who saw first hand the powerful effects of these medicines has gone onto start his own marijuana company in the US. There’s a long list of celebrity’s, people from all walks of life amongst our society’s speaking up and becoming advocates for these medicines. 

These powerful plant medicines have been used by our indigenous peoples for thousands of years. This medicine is abundant, is not expensive & all comes from the purest source ‘Nature’. 

This shift is well underway and im ever optimistic that in coming years it will gather pace globally and laws making these medicines illegal will be dissolved.


Below are 2 excellent documentary’s on plant medicine i highly recommend watching:

“The Reality Of Truth – Full Film”

The film offers a front row seat on an around the world exploration of how people, groups and entire cultures tap into an alternative “true reality” through spirituality, meditation, and plant medicine

Awakening the Soul (2022) Ayahuasca Documentary

Our civilization is at a crossroads. With the threat of self-extinction looming it begs the question, what are we overlooking? Awakening the Soul is a visionary journey into the heart of Nature. It deep dives into how and why this sacred plant medicine Ayahuasca is so profoundly effective at unravelling and healing the root causes of trauma, addiction and mental health issues. Samuel and Kash dive into the Hero’s journey it takes one through and explore how this ancient brew could be the antidote to a global spiritual sickness.


One man who has been a huge inspiration to myself & many is Scientist ‘Paul Stamets’ he is doing ground breaking work and has dedicated his life to this medicine and bringing it mainstream. His research, findings and decades of experience is paving the way forward for a greater understanding of what this medicine can really do for humanity!

Website & Research At: http://paulstamets.com/


A non for profit foundation called “Unlimited Sciences” which was founded by a group of mothers who demanded access to medical cannabis for their children is doing some powerful work 

Website at: Unlimited Sciences – psychedelic research nonprofit

Donate to the advancement of their research at: Donate – Unlimited Sciences

Unlimited sciences story: 

Seven years later, unlimited sciences now have the world’s largest database on real-world cannabis usage and continue to help families improve their quality of life.

In light of the recent rebirth of psychedelic sciences, in late 2018, the founders of Unlimited Sciences saw a similar need: To collect scientific data and testimonials about how people use psychedelics in their lives. Unlimited Sciences as a psychedelic research nonprofit that combines the power of data and lived experiences to serve the community, educate the public, and inform common sense practices and policies.


US veterans & Ayahuasca:

There’s many stories of war torn US veterans returning traumatized, with PTSD and numerous other health issues making trips to south America to sit with Ayahuasca and working with Sharman to cure their illness. 

Here is a first hand account from veteran Rudy Gonsior with Ayahuasca

Steering clear from drugs his whole life, army veteran Rudy Gonsior traveled to the jungle to experience Ayahuasca as his “Hail Mary.” Gonsior enlisted in the Marine Corps in response to the attacks of Sept. 11, then joined the Army Special Forces, where he served as a sniper. His war experiences filled him with shame, guilt, depression, rage, and feeling like he joined a “cult of death.” After denying antidepressants based on the side effects he had seen fellow soldiers suffer from, Gonsior heard a story on the radio about trauma and Ayahuasca, which led him to the Soltara Healing Center with the hope that confronting the roots of his trauma would help heal his deep wounds.⁠⁠

Before the ceremony, two Peruvian healers, from the Shipibo community met individually with Gonsior and other army vets, and described them as “unable to experience love or joy.”⁠

Gonsior described the experience as a “final surrender” that was grueling but restorative. “You have so many experiences that run the gamut from absolute terror to pure joy,” he said. “You realize there’s another layer of understanding there.” A fellow soldier stated that the ceremonies had been “the most terrifying night of my life, more terrifying than any combat I have ever been in.” But overall, he said, the trips helped him overcome a longstanding fear: “I am not a sociopath,” he said. “I was always worried that I was evil, but I was shown where my compassion lies.” ⁠

Co-Founder of Soltara, Melissa Stangl, argues that responsibly run ayahuasca centers are the seeds of a transformation.

“We are on the cusp of bringing psychoactive medicines into the mainstream health care system,” she said. “

Once science really catches up to just how effective that is for people who aren’t being served by the current medical system, we can become allies.”

There are numerous healthcare centers worldwide especially throughout the Americas now offering all types of this plant medicine.

Below I’ve named several i know of in Costa Rica that are well established.

Soltara Healing Centre:

At our seaside haven in the mountainous tropical forest of Costa Rica, we’ve created a framework for you to dig deep, uncover the energetic roots of blockages, self-limiting beliefs, and negative programs that may be holding you back, and help you fully release them and step into your power.

Website: https://soltara.co/

Nada Brahma Healing Centre 

Within the breath-taking mountains of Costa Rica’s central valley, sits Nada Brahma Healing Center. This all-inclusive sanctuary is an ideal setting for group retreats. During our retreats, we humbly and graciously offer Plant Medicine, Kambo ceremonies, Temazcal (sweat lodge), detox, cleansing, meditation, yoga, and many more healing modalities and therapies.

Website: https://nadabrahmahealingcenter.com/

Rythmia Healing Centre

We’re a family of healers & professionals supporting the single vision of our CEO and Founder, Gerard (Gerry) Powell, which is to serve our guests and help each one get their Miracle. From the moment you set foot on the resort property, you’ll feel at home, nourished, and cared for. Rythmia is an all-inclusive, luxury medically-licensed plant medicine center in Guanacaste, Costa Rica.

Website: https://www.rythmia.com/index.html


Microdosing with Psilocybin has been one of the things that has personally helped me a lot and the medicine i use which has a excellent product is called “Redwood Mycro” based in the USA and Mexico.

Website: redwoodmycro.com


I’m passionate about spreading the word about these medicines and their transformational powers.

People are now traveling from all ends of the earth to seek out this medicine & it’s slowly starting to make inroads within our society’s. The word of these plant medicines is spreading like wild fire around the earth, is gaining momentum & will assist us in this global paradigm shift we are making our way through. 

Healers & shaman are traveling all over this planet earth often undercover to ensure this medicine gets out to the people.

Natures medicine is making its way deep into all areas of humanity and together we will heal, transform and evolve from many of the backwards ways we have been living and operating on this planet. 

Collectively as a human family we are at tipping point, we have sick societies globally with current healthcare systems are struggling to cope.

As a human species have become disconnected in many ways especially from nature and plant medicine is a doorway back to our health, our roots and a understanding of our true nature.

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